The Cafiero Mattioli group

The Cafiero Mattioli group is a shipping organisation actively involved in ownership and management of offshore supply vessels services to oil–rig platforms, harbour and deep sea tug and gas carriers.

The holding company of the group is the Cafiero Mattioli Finanziaria CA.FI.MA. S.p.A., a family business with a long and successful background in shipping.

The Cafiero family was originally based in Meta di Sorrento near Naples, a traditional shipping centre southern Italy, and the family has been involved in shipping since 1600.

CA.FI.MA. S.p.A. owns the Italian interests of the group, focused on supply vessels, harbour towage and salvage companies and gas carriers.

Augusta Offshore

Augusta is responsible for a fleet of 11 supply vessels


Scinicariello carries out the full management of the deep sea and the supply vessel fleet


Synergas S.r.l. has a fleet of 9 gas carriers

La Cafiero Mattioli Finanziaria CA.FI.MA. S.p.A. è la società capogruppo, una società a conduzione familiare con una lunga e consolidata esperienza nel settore dello shipping.

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